ILYS  \eye-liss\ 


1.  I Love You So. 


2. A family name passed on for generations. 

ILYS believes people should be transported both visually and acoustically when experiencing her music live.  She infuses a visual-sensory component with her sound to create musical experiences that leave a lasting memory.  

Concerts in curated spaces, not in traditional venues, is a signature of ILYS’ vision to change the way people listen.  Anyone can go to a bar and see a live show.  But how many people have seen a show in a room made entirely of pink Himalayan salt or in a hidden graffiti-ed cave in the mountains.  She performs pop up shows in unique locations all over, and the location is always a mystery until the day of the show. 

ILYS’ smoky-vintage-voice is what first catches your attention, but it’s the ineffable place she transports you to once the song is over that leaves you wanting more.  Her minimalist sound merges elements of jazz vocals, but with a modern twist.  Her heart-felt songs explore the ups and downs of love and life and are described by her fans as soul-piercing.  

ILYS is a self-taught songwriter and musician.  She grew up in an artistic countryside community in Devon, England where she started writing songs at the age of five.  She studied theatre growing up and she of course loved to perform theatre in unconventional spaces.  

Her first solo performance was at The Cairo Jazz Club, in Egypt.   She went on to live in Mexico for six years where she performed in over a thousand shows.  There she sang jazz fulltime, and performed with world-class award winning musicians.  She now resides in Los Angeles where her focus is recording, performing and honing her craft.  

ILYS just finished recording an EP and is currently planning a US tour in unexpected locations…of course!